The Pyramid Society

1. The Pharaoh- King, chief priest and god, commander of the armies.

2. The Vizier - the second most powerful man. he had to see that the country was running smoothly: everything from collecting taxes to organising the building of irrigation systems. He was also chief judge.

3. The Imakhu (the honoured ones) - friends and family of the pharaoh. They got all the best jobs: jobs like ... General Ambassador, Governor of a district, Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Keeper of the Oils and Crown Jewels, Keeper of the Oils and Perfumes, keeper of the Kings Clothes ... or Keeper of the Secret of all the Royal Sayings - that means being in control of who gets to talk to the Pharaoh.

4. The Nomarchs - local barons who control small districts. They are directly in charge of most of the people; they keep order and raise armies if Egypt is attacked.

5. The Scribes - educated officials who keep the written records.

6. The Priests - thousands who run the temples to the many gods.

7. The Hemutiu or craftsmen - skilled workers who look after the needs of the wealthy: weavers, architects, painters, sculptors, traders, jewellers, embalmers, metalworkers ......

8. The Peasants - the remaining 90% of the population.

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