Four Famous Victorians


I chose 4 Victorians that are still famous now and I chose 4 that did completely different things. One was a nurse, one a writer, one an engineer and the last one a politician. Florence Nightingale ( a nurse) made nursing a proper profession by getting nurses properly trained, She saved the lives of many soldiers injured in the Crimean War. Charles Dickens (the writer) wrote Oliver Twist probably one of the most famous stories ever written. As well as reading the book you can see it as a film or as a musical on stage or hear it on a tape. Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the engineer) designed bridges, tunnels and railways, that made it quicker to travel on land. He built faster and bigger ships that made travelling by sea much quicker. He built a ship called the S.S Great Britain which I went to see at Bristol, with my friend Tom Woods. Benjamin Disraeli ( the politician ) was a favourite of Queen Victoria. He became a Member of Parliament because he wanted the power to help the less well off.

I have also produced a Timeline of Queen Victoria's life with some of the important aspects of each of the 4 subjects noted.

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